Top 5 Books on Nootropics

You can get a lot of information on Nootropics and enhancing your memory through Internet forums and websites, but sometimes you just can’t beat reading a book for getting a full understanding of a topic. Nothing quite beats the structure and portability that books provide, so I’ve outlined a few that I think will be helpful in your journey!

1.  Smart Drug Dictionary: Index of Nootropic Substances


This book is a great reference guide if you want to know all there is to know about Nootropics. Each one gets a page or two and includes dosage information and even clinical studies. It also includes information about side effects. Since information on the Internet can sometimes be contradictory or purely anecdotal, this book is an excellent go-to for researching Nootropics yourself.

2.  Memory Boosters: How to Improve Memory with Nootropics, Supplements, and Natural Foods


In addition to how to integrate Nootropics into your current routine, this book gives lifestyle advice that helps potentiate the effects of your memory. Many people think that taking a supplement is all that is needed, but your body also needs good, wholesome food in order to operate at it’s best. You can find some helpful ways to remove that daily brain fog once and for all!

3. Power up Your Brain


This book is a little different than the rest. It does cover Nootropics, but it also has information on spirituality and how to exist in harmony with your body and the world.  If one of your goals is enlightenment, this may be the book for you. This book may not be for everyone, but if you want to bridge the gap between science and the unknown, give it a try!

4.  Modafinil: The Real Limitless NZT-48 Drug for Concentration, Confidence, and Laser-Sharp Focus


Now, I’ve said before that the fake drug used in the movie Limitess (2011) isn’t realistic, and I stick by that. However, the closest supplement I’ve found to be effective is Modafinil (or its precursor Adrafinil). This book goes over the science and provides examples if you’re looking into experimenting with Modafinil. I’ve read many forum testimonials, and none have accurately described Modafinil as wholesomely as this book.

5.  Brain Hacks – Blueprints for a Smarter and Happier You


This book is much like number two on this list. It gives a more holistic approach to cognition enhancement by incorporating food and even exercise into your routines. It’s written in plain no-frills language. You can learn what has been causing damage to your brain over the years, and find ways to easily repair it. Even if you know all the research, I’m sure you’ll find new things to incorporate into your life.