Sweat Proof Undershirts

Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirts Men’s V Neck

Let’s face it, underarm sweating can be down right embarrassing. Whether it is caused by genetics or external influences like caffeine, it can ruin your day, and lower your confidence. When you have a big event, like an important presentation, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your sweat marks are visible, or if you smell bad. I realize you’ve probably tried everything (including all of the advice in our Stop Sweating on Stimulants post), but even if those methods didn’t work, I’m here to tell you not to give up yet! If you can’t stop the sweat, there’s still no reason you can’t still live your life confident and (in every practical sense) sweat free! Ejis has recently released a sweat-proof undershirt that non only keeps your shirts dry, but also has odor neutralizing technology to make sure you smell good all day.

Time for a confession: I recently went on an interview and needed a bit of confidence in the sweat department, so I bought the Ejis Men’s Slim V-Neck from Amazon. I was a bit skeptical and needed to be confident it would work, so I wore the shirt all day before the interview to see how it performed, and I’m happy to say it exceeded my expectations. Not only was the shirt comfortable, but it was also breathable, and best of all, DRY. I checked constantly throughout the day, and saw absolutely no evidence of sweat marks on my shirt. And to beat it all, there was no odor either.

Since my interview, I’ve purchased a few other Ejis undershirts including the Crew Neck version. I’ve washed each of the shirts no fewer than 10 times each, and they look and feel just like new. They don’t retain any odors, and the fabric is still silky soft. Ejis offers their undershirts in black and white – both of which are great choices for an undershirt. It truly is a blessing for anyone suffering from underarm hyperhidrosis.

As an extra bonus, for guys who have issues with sweat in the groin or butt area, Ejis also makes sweat proof underwear. While I can’t personally vouch for this product yet, it is on my list of things to try next. Armed with these products, I hope you too can experience the pleasure of going a full day sweat-free!