Stop Sweating on Stimulants

sweatAll kinds of stimulants can cause excessive sweating. This can be concentrated in the armpits, lower back, or even your forehead. And for those of us who need to harness the motivational power of stimulants from time-to-time, this can be a huge downer. I’ve had many ruined shirts due to simply not being able to control my sweating. Thankfully, I’ve done much research on the subject and think I can help you too.

So, what are some common stimulants?

Many people are surprised that they’ve been taking in stimulants without realizing it. The most notable and widely used is none other than caffeine. Now, that’s quite obvious I’m sure, but what you also have to realize is all the products that use caffeine now. Of course it’s in coffee, and most sodas, but it’s also in chocolate, and some cold-relief medications. Do you take Adderall or Concerta for ADD/ADHD? That’s a stimulant too (and a powerful one I might add)!

What can I do to stop sweating?

1. L-Theanine


L-Theanine is commonly found in Green Tea, and is part of what makes drinking Green Tea so relaxing. The good news is that it has properties that can help you reduce sweating and even curb some anxiety. Before a big speech or presentation, I often take two capsules and am more together and much less sweaty that I would normally be. I trust the Now Foods brand, and you can get it here from 

2.  Certain-Dri


I’ve tried many over-the-counter anti-perspirant products, and none have been as efficient as Certain-Dri. It goes on as a liquid at night and can last up to 72 hours. If your main concern is armpit sweat, this is a fantastic solution. It works wonders, and the best part is you can apply it every other, or even every third day. It’s relatively cheap and can do wonders for your confidence. You can also get this one on

3. Beta Blockers

Now this one isn’t available on to purchase without a prescription, but it is well worth trying, especially if you become anxious while on stimulants. Beta blockers work on  receptors in your heart and lungs and prevent the physical appearance of anxiety. For some, this blocking of the physical response also stops some sweating as well. This one has more side effects than the others and you can build up tolerance if taken daily, so do be careful if you chose this route.

4. PURAX Pure Pads


Now, if you can’t stop the sweating, don’t worry! There’s still one other option I’ve found to be effective. You can buy adhesive pads that you put under your armpits to absorb the sweat so it never reaches your clothes. You may still sweat, but no one has to know. These are a great backup plan for when you know you’ll be in a stressful situation, or if you want to drink coffee without ruining your nicest shirt. The best brand I’ve found is PURAX, and you can purchase them here on


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