Noopept Headaches: How to Stop Them Before They Start

My first experience with Noopept wasn’t a pleasant one. I got a dull headache and it generally interfered with my ability to concentrate. “Isn’t this supposed to help me concentrate?”  Well, after doing some research, I found out that this is a common side effect for any drug in the racetam family. Yikes. So what can we do then? Are we doomed to be non-responders? No! And thankfully the answer was a simple one: Choline! This nutrient used in memory and other brain functions can be easily depleted while you’re using Nootropics, and the best solution is to supplement it.

Alpha GPC


Of all the choline supplements available, the consensus is that Alpha GPC is one of the best, most bio-available form of Choline. It can easily pass into the brain (through the blood brain barrier), and best of all: it’s effective in preventing those terrible headaches. You really can get all of the benefits of racetams without a headache getting in your way! The brand I have tried with success is Now Foods Alpha GPC available at