Lithium Oratate – Brain Protector and Mood Stabilizer


Why Lithium Orotate?

When you think of Lithium, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it straight jackets and zombified people stumbling around? I’m not surprised if so! That seems to be the general consensus since Lithium has been used in high dosages to sedate patients in mental wards. What I want to introduce you to, though, is the upcoming science that shows Lithium Orotate used in low dosages can provide protection to your brain again neuro-toxicity and even stabilize your daily moods. As a daily user of Lithium Orotate, I can first handedly testify to it’s Nootropic-like effects.

Dosage Recommendation

If you’re first starting out, I suggest you take only 5 milligrams of Lithium Orotate daily. Once you become comfortable with that dose, you can increase to 10 milligrams daily. I recommend you exercise caution if you intend to go higher than that.


One of the main benefits to Lithium Orotate is it’s ability to protect the brain from neuro-toxic agents. So many things we eat and drink contain neurotoxins that cause brain aging. Lithium has the ability to negate these effects and even prevent them to a degree. This helps keep your brain youthful even in old age. It’s no wonder Lithium has been prescribed in low doses for those with Alzheimer’s to regain some of their mental abilities.

Side Effects

Keep in mind that Lithium Orotate is still Lithium, and as such, Lithium toxicity is possible. If used at the recommended dosages, it is very unlikely, but nonetheless you should get you Lithium blood levels tested every few months. Since it is a salt, the fluxuation of salt in your diet may cause Lithium levels to rise and fall. Try to keep your salt intake constant to prevent sudden increases or drops in Lithium in your blood.

Trusted Brands

The brand of Lithium Oroate that I’ve used is available here on Each pill comes packed with 4.8 milligrams of Lithium Orotate, so you don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to dosage.