Ginko Balboa – The Herbal Nootropic


That’s right: Ginko Balboa is an herb! If you’re looking for a Nootropic for memory but are afraid of taking synthetic or artificial drugs, Ginko Balbao may be your solution. It has been used since 2600 BC and is one of the longest living trees in history.  So what makes Ginko Balboa a nootropic candidate, you ask?

1.  Ginko can help with memory disorders (including Alzheimer’s disease). As we age, the blood flow to our brains is naturally decreased. The symptoms of which include: memory loss, headaches, and difficulty concentrating among other things. If you want to stay sharp even in old age, Ginko is your guy.

2.  Ginko has been successfully used to treat (and sometimes reverse) sexual performance problems. If you’ve ever been prescribed an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) for depression, you’ve likely encountered it’s libido-killing property. Or even worse: the inability to perform in the bedroom. Thankfully, Ginko can help reverse the negative side effects brought on by your SSRI medication.

3. Ginko is used for thinking disorders that can be brought on by depression. Studies have shown that used along or in combination with other anti-depressants, Ginko has a notable effect in relieving depression and depressive thoughts. It does this by reducing stress-induced brain damage which is thought to be a large player in depression.

Side Effects

While generally considered safe, side effects include constipation, headaches, and dizziness.


If you are prone to seizures, you would do well to avoid Ginko Balboa. Also, please remember to never eat a Ginko seed as they can cause seizures and even lead to death. For that reason, I suggest getting it prepared and packaged. I have successfully used NutiGold’s version of Ginko Balboa available here and highly suggest it if you are considering this herbal supplement.