What is Fluorafinil?

flourafinilFlourafinil, also know as CRL-40,941 or Fladrafinil,  is a stimulant drug similar in structure to both adrafinil and modafinil. In fact, it is a synthetic derivative of adrafinil. Studies have shown that in animal trials the effects of fluorafinil are similar to the other two drugs in this family. Even better, it has shown to have twice the potency of adrafinil.

What’s different about Flourafinil?

The difference is that this version of the drug is fluorinated, which means it has fluoride in it’s structure. Why would someone do that, you ask? It’s believed that fluorinated compounds are more bio-available, making them more potent. Shut up and take my money, right? Not so fast. When you potentiate the good effects of the drug, often you will increase the side effects as well.

So what’s the catch?

Like most things in life, flourafinil doesn’t come without it’s flaws.  While there hasn’t been much research done on this new drug, there have been a few brave souls that have tried it “for science!” While the jury is still out, but it appears that the side effects are much worse than the benefits that it can provide. Many first-hand reports suggest that the stimulant and wakeful response expected from flourafinil were less-than-standard, and that the side effects (Vasoconstriction) were much more prevalent.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a drug in the -afinil family, I still side with adrafinil. It’s legal, and generally side effect free. If you have a prescription for modafinil, all the better since it is the most efficient form, but be careful of buying it online as it is considered a controlled substance in many countries.