Bulletproof Coffee

coffeeAs newer studies come out, it appears that coffee has finally received the golden seal of approval from health experts. While most focus on how coffee tastes, have you ever chosen a coffee brew based on how it makes you feel? I’m sure you already know that not all coffee is created equal. Enter Bulletproof coffee. There’s a great chance that you’ve heard of Bulletproof coffee if you’ve invested any time into Nootropics research, but if not don’t fret! I’m going to explain why you too should be drinking it daily.

Why is Bulletproof coffee better?

If you had one complaint about coffee, what would it be? The crash, right? After the productive high, we get that brain-fog low. No more! Bulletproof coffee doesn’t give you a post-productive crash. You can have all the benefits of enhanced cognition without the subsequent mental degradation.

Why is Bulletproof coffee healthier?

Bulletproof Coffee beans are grown at high altitude on single estates. From there, they’re harvested, carefully processed, then quickly shipped to eliminate inflammation-causing, performance-robbing mold toxins commonly found in coffee. Mold toxins can negate the positive benefits of coffee, but bulletproof is lab tested to ensure that toxins don’t make their way into your system.

Enhance it further!

Bulletproof coffee is often coupled with grass-fed, unsalted butter to give you sustainable energy throughout the day. Coffee can only do so much – you also need the fuel to burn when your mind starts working double time. Not enough? You can also add Bulletproof Brain Octane for that extra oomph!

Okay, already – where do it buy it?!

You can purchase Bulletproof coffee on Amazon here. The Bulletproof Brain Octane can be found here. And, for the grass-fed, unsalted butter? Try your local grocery store or super market. Just make sure to cross check prices around town to get the best deal!